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Derived from the word "Shwasted," (being completely wasted) Shwaked refers to being completely and totally baked. aka (high on marijuana.)
Inyah pahnts: Dude, Kristen Stewart was totally shwasted last night with Rob Pattinson. She sucked his dick for the paparizi!

Onya Bawlz:Nah dude, she wasn't shwasted, she was completely and totally shwaked! Her and rob smoked a gram of machine-gun-funk an hour before she told him she was pregnant with their dyslexic creeper but yet in-a-weird-way-sexy-son.
by A.m.K.47 September 11, 2009
The state of being completely drunk. (shw-aaa-ked)
"Dude, i was soo fuckin SHWAKED last night!!"
by UnFadEaBle April 28, 2008

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