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I must correct you, it is not a word that Jews use, true it does mean a black person, but it is not derogatory or anything like it. Shvartzah just means a black person in Yiddish. And just because it's Yiddish doesn't mean that all Jews say it.
Person 1: Gai shlog dein kup en vant! (who is that man over there?)
Person 2: Vie Chavele tsu der shvartzah (oh, he's just a black man)
by blargh... July 10, 2009
The proper spelling for this word is: "schvatze".

Definition: What a Jew calls a nigger.
Oy!, Murray, watch out for those schvatzes!
by Malcolm X-crement December 16, 2003
A Bad word for ugly ass black people, usually said by jews or yiddish people.
~ Who can tell those damn shvartzahs apart? ~
by NiggaBitch December 14, 2003