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when you have a vehicle full of people and they all have to go in different directions. It can also be used to refer to all of the people in the car
You shuttle-fucks are using all my gas
by artgirlaia January 24, 2011
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When at a ski resort taking so many shuttles to get to a area that you end up in the wrong city.
dude at keystone we got shuttle fucked bad
by diamond digging david January 27, 2012
noun or verb
an orgy with a partner rotation system
hey this is a perfect guy to girl ratio... lets have a shuttlefuck!
by spencedub September 08, 2008
a term used by a patron to describe a disgruntled public transit professional, a highly satisfying sexual position
e.g. "That same shuttlefuck missed my stop!"
e.g. "I need to stretch before we shuttlefuck again. Having one leg in the air like that is hard work!"
by miss marmar September 06, 2008

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