A fucked photograph that is a result of mistake, but turns out to be aesthetically pleasing.

Started by www.shutterfuck.com
Wow, that overexposed pinhole photo is quite the shutterfuck.
by ArunKR August 17, 2009
1. (n.) A pornographic video, in the form of a flipbook.

2. (v.)The act of making a pornographic video in the form of a flipbook. frame-by-frame, usually using a disposable camera.
"Dude I made made a porno with my girlfriend last night"
"That's cool, where'd you get the video camera?"
"Oh, we didn't use a video camera, we just used a disposable one."
"What? How was it a video then?"
"It wasn't, we made it a shutterfuck."
"Oh I got it, that's awesome, man."
by nickerson94 November 27, 2011
Sudden digital camera jam. Happens more often in older models.
'Hold that smile! I just got a shutterfuck.'
by urbaneskimo July 21, 2008

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