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A more family-friendly term for "Shut the f*** up!" Originally coined by an 8th grader to a) seriously annoy the teachers and b) shock delicate ears as they thought ahead of his speech.
Ehhhmahgawwwd, did you hear and Brittany and Lindsay and Mark? Apparently, according to Brenda, they-

by Veronica Stiletto November 25, 2010
58 90
More publicly acceptable and FCC-friendly version of S.T.F.U., originally coined by Buckethead on WJRR Radio.
"You slept with your girlfriend's sister and her mom? Shut the front door!"
by GrendelPrime April 27, 2006
815 259
A phrase used not as a substitute for 'Shut the fuck up', but rather when the front door requires shutting.
Person 1: Can you shut the front door please?
Person 2: Yeah, sure. *shuts the front door*
by mikee246 August 14, 2011
343 302
A expression used when mad or angry. A replacement For Shut the Fuck up
by anonymous December 06, 2002
379 351
Shut the f* up
Are you serious?
When someone states the obvious.
Susie: "They told me that the moon will not shine forever."
Sam: "Shut the front door!"
by Karann August 13, 2005
278 251
NOT used for S.T.F.U. replacement but for a more light hearted "Get the F* outta here" "I can't believe it" banter used mainly by "valley" type girls.
Vicky:Ohh, I just got this Gucci sweater for only $75.
Cindy: Shut the front door!! that's awsome!
by Yari0 February 15, 2010
262 248
Politically correct way of saying, Shut the fuck up when at work or in front of parents etc
Boss: We have tos stay back Friday night for 2 hours to order new brochures
Employee: Shut the front door!
by kj17 July 04, 2012
39 27
When you want to tell a person to shut up, you can be nice and say "hey dude, shut the fphhhhhr..ront door". The person will expect that you will say shut the fuck up.
Payten: bla bla bla bla
Reggie: hey, shut the f........ront door, its getting cold in here.
by nudesheep July 10, 2010
8 6