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A worthless alcoholic bitch
Matt: "I don't think shuh does anything at work, and she's drunk."

Shuh: "What are you doing you little shit?!"

Andrew: "Bitch."
by Tibbz October 18, 2009
It's used when someone wants a person to disappear or walk away.
Used withs expressions as: "Get out of here!" "Get lost!"

Also used when a person hears something unbelievable that is hard to believe in.
Shuh! are you serious!?
by skelli928 July 06, 2010
It's used in situations where something was a close call.
An expression used when something finally is over, and the person is relieved...
Can also be used in situations where a person sees something cool/unbelievable/interesting/mindblowing.
Can be used when a person is speechless: ".....shuh...."
Shuh! Did you see that!? ...shuh...
by skelli928 July 06, 2010
In northern Sweden, in the parts knows as "Norrland" (ie North Land) they often shorten words to conserve energy while speaking and even breath in instead of breath out while pronouncing words. "Shuh" is the reasult of breathing in instead of out when saying "jo" (A swedish word for yes or yeah).
Did you ride the scooter yesterday?

by Tobb-Olof October 09, 2009
A blonde girl trying to say "shush" online and making a typo
"you shuhs right now!"
by Megan July 13, 2004
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