The wannabe godess of all. Shufaa is in some cases short for Shufaaalinga-linga. The first traces of Shufaa is from Central Africa where the first Shufaa was declared a witch, warmonger and a little crazy.

Today Shufaa is a popular name on the dark side of the moon. Her attributes: lazy, too religious, pork-hater, vanilla-coke lover, Justin Bieber's biggest fan and loyal. She is a true friend, until you are no longer of any value to her. She will then get rid of you, silent and quick.

She is so aggressive so she makes bin laden look like a schoolboy.

She practically live in the library, she is with one sentence: Biggest nerd ever!
"Shufaa is like a rose, very red, very thorny and very green-loving"
by Jibrael November 08, 2011

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