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The utmost ridiculous of all. Way worse than its brother, stupid, shtupid is the epitome of dumb. If you are stupid, that sucks but if you are shtupid, you suck!
1. The definition above is really shtupid.
2. I want to punch monte in his shtupid shmelly face.
by Livin' The Dream Of Life July 17, 2009
10 2
- Intoxication beyond any personal limits

- describing ones Inexcusable behavior

- under the influence of opiates

- Having alot of fun
" Where's the party at, it's time to get shtupid"
by the1ndonlymikeb May 02, 2011
0 4
(adj.) Usually the person that is saying is the stupid one b/c the say "shtupid" instead of "stupid" real meaning- lack of intelligence. Usually the one saying this word has a different dialect than you are used to
person1- "your shtupid"
person2- "you're stupid just for saying that"
by James T. Rutherford May 31, 2008
5 11