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The act of shitting and texting at the same time to get many things done at once for those busy people out there.
I had a big party to get people invited for and nothing could get in my way. So while I was on the toilet doing my business I kept at it, shtexting everyone to they could know when to show up.
by local 5 1 June 19, 2009
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Texting while taking a dump!
John was pressing out a premium log while shtexting his girlfriend about tonight's pub crawl!
by Afcancelt October 04, 2011
pooping while texting, shitting while using your ipod.
Guy 1 : "dude, i just got a text from jim, and hes in the can." Guy 2: "Oh, hes shtexting you?"
by metaltaz June 01, 2012

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