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a word that expresses appreciation, agreement, confirmation, excitement or enthusiasm, mutual understanding or amazement...along with many other things...it is commonly used between two people who are privy to its meaning, but even those who have never heard it before can immediately and innately decipher its true message
Aslan: "Dude...video productions class is canceled so lets go get a fuckin' bagel from Marty's!"

Bustelo: "Shtablamiddabli"


Bustelo: "Hey bro, I just talked to Sam and he is gonna have that fresh dank sack for us in ten so lets get rollin'..."

Aslan: "Shtablamiddabli"


Bustelo: "Dude...how the fuck do you do this math problem?"

Aslan: "Just move the decimal over two spaces and divide."

Bustelo: "Oh...shtablamiddabli."
by Bustelo February 05, 2010