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The piece of skin on a penis where the scrotum meets the shaft, this piece of skin is sensitive and can get extremely itchy and irritable. It also may get sweaty during Sexual Intercourse.

Shrumping: A weird sexual pleasure/fetish where the male lifts up his penis and rubs his "sweaty shrump" on the upper lip of the other sexual partner.
I have an Itchy Shrump.
by Yeahman149 July 16, 2010
Ingesting psychadelic mushrooms then umpiring a baseball game.
You be first base shrump, i'll be home plate shrumpire.
by Donald Shrump April 26, 2011
A dirty old man that sniffs little girls bicycle seats.
"That man just shrumped that little girls bicycle seat!"
by Priiiiick December 23, 2005
a small person, normally quite annoying and charv like with stunted growth

( an insult) (can be used as a joke)
person 1. oi shrump, get over here!

charv. naa leek ya lookin for a fight ya puuaa hippy, i'll deck ya!

person 1. Kills charv...
by james123 August 02, 2006
Somewhere between scrumpin' and scroggin'. You scrump or scrog a chick, but you shrump someone you have deeper feelings for.
"Yo, thickage, did you scrog KCsLuvPi tonite?"

"Negative, G. I shrumped her in the living room under candlelight and soft music."
by thickage December 20, 2004
The lump an emerging mushroom makes in the forest floor.
I found the first mushrooms today because I noticed the shrumps.

King Boletes make large shrumps.
by KACS July 13, 2006
Shrimp farts... Farts you get after having sushi
Boy... that sushi gave me the shrumps!
by Rick January 26, 2005
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