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Shronkeh (n) Unusual endangered species, usually known for its body of a monkey and tail of a shrimp.
Shronkehs have the tendency of being annoying with their rawrfulness!

:<-----KiL! (HAHA)
KiLs come with every set of Rawrs : (see?)
Shronkehs live in the dungeons of FONland. (search FONland)
Bleoughreh beh!
Back to Shronkeh.

Usually tall and thin with big curly hair (sometimes sea green)
KiL= Rawr! :

Akh, you're such a Shronkeh.
Stop being a Shronkek.
AAH youre hair's so Shronkehish!!
by ^.^ EhMeGadz!!! December 06, 2008
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