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The drunken state of not knowing where you are, how you got there, or where the hell you're going. The ability to walk a straight line is still present, however speech is severely impaired and belligerence ensues. Present foremost is the need to 'dance' after 'going to the bathroom' see: shot race...Shristied is the number three cause of elevator, shower, and stairwell hookups after 'KLed' and roofied punch from BU's finest Pi Kappa Alpha boys. Often resulting in questionable what-the-hell-happened mornings, and trashcans next to beds. Roomates may flee the room the night because of the pervasive smell of vomit and grain alcohol for a respite of sleep.
"Bro, I got 'KLed' last night"
"Oh, nice bro. Yeah I got Shristied at PIKE the other night- I woke up fucking a Coke machine at the motel6. She was cummin' Fresca, like crazy, man!"
"Bro you gotta hook me up next weekend. I won't settle for KL--I'm mean she's cute, but no Shristy...bro.............right bro?"
by CMWalka March 25, 2009
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