This is used to refer to software that is bought off the shelf with little or no customization.
We were going to build our own inventory management software from scratch, but then John pointed out a shrinkwrap that would do everything we needed and more.
by Dewie December 20, 2004
Top Definition
condom, condoms.
gimmie my shrink wrap.
by C.J. Henry February 22, 2004
A sexual act performed by gay men, involving one man who is uncut (not circumsized)

Pressing the heads of two penises together and pulling the fore-skin over the other and simultaneously masturbating both.
Man #1: Wanna play tummy sticks?

Man #2: Sure, can we shrink wrap?

man #1 proceed to pull his foreskin over the head of man # 2 and they mutually masturbate.
by DJ Mack Attack June 04, 2009
Being forced or guilted into going to therapy.
I will not go to a therapist! Don't shrink-wrap me!
by Sodom-You June 19, 2013
1) Material that resembels a saran wrap, bubble wrap hybrid. It is often used to tightly wrap small materials.
2) Slang term referring to small condomns.
1) Did you wrap the olives with shrinkwrap like I told you to?
2) At the annual chodefest of 2002, it was shrinkwrap for everyone!!!!!!
by Bullfrog March 03, 2003
When you do the perfect poo which requires, at the most, 1 test wipe.
"Aaaah I just laid down a shrink wrap! no mess, no fuss." - Mr. Poo McPooey-Woo (on the loo)
by I-WIN March 07, 2009
the process of applying a condom to a soft penis.
that ugly bitch paid me 100 bucks to hit it so i had to shrink wrap it to protect my self from her ghanaria.
by trojan whores September 03, 2003
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