Top Definition
An insane girl who loves to fight but has an amazing sense of humor and is loved by many people. She is beautiful and has a smile that lights up a room. She is someone you can count on for anything.
Where did those scratches come from?
by therealperson4567 March 01, 2009
Used to define sexy women
Damn bitch, that chick right there is a shrina for sure!
by Zulu99 July 13, 2006
The Huge Corporation from Final Fantasy VII.
Shrina is killing this planet!
by Admiral Q November 25, 2006
This girl with huge dark bags around her eyes that makes her look like a total panda/ ugly ass bitch!
Woa look at that ugly punkass bitch, she is definitely a Shrina!
by poooooooooo June 17, 2008
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