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One who counts the amount of shrimp in their food. Most commonly, shrimp-counters will check their Chinese food to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of shrimp.

A person will usually become a shrimp-counter after having their orders mixed up at a Chinese restaurant. For example: Person A orders the Kung Pao shrimp, while Person B orders the garlic noodles. Person B decides to eat some of the shrimp, before returning to the restaurant to correct his order. Person A will then check his container of food to find that 7 or 8 shrimp are missing. Shrimp theft is a very common occurence in Hollywood.
Larry David: "We got our orders back and about seven or eight shrimp were missing."

Hal Wasserman: "So you counted the shrimp, you're a shrimp-counter now."
by Fragile Frankie May 10, 2009
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