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Is the lord of pain and the angel of final atonement.
Taken from the book Hyperion by Dan Simmons
by Lanus August 18, 2005
A mother-in-law who is beyond bitch. Worse than cunt. Totally meddling in the affairs of her son's relationship.
Wife and husband or girlfriend and boyfriend are arguing, and for some reason, the subject of his mother comes up, to rub his face in dirt, she calls her a 'shrike'.
Wife/girlfriend: Your mom is a freakin' shrike!
Husband/boyfriend: No she isn't!
by DelishDessert July 29, 2006
In the foodie world, a shrike is someone who has a deep hatred for "Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee". The hate extends to both the show and the host. Shrikes usually can be found on food blogs making snarky and bitchily hilarious comments about Sandra's horrible recipes
Heather: OMG, I can't believe they said that Sandra Lee must have fucked all the Food Network executives to get her TV show.
Brittany: What? Like, who said that?
Heather: The shrikes at my favorite food blog.
by 1Bitter1 July 10, 2008
(n)The Basiest Campiest BFV base camper period. Known as |K-5|Shrike; Addicted to camping;(v) Describing one who has been sniped by a basecamper; (Adj)A camper that cannot be found no matter where the hiding place.
1.)Holy crap..ITS SHRIKE
2.)Dude....I just got Shriked
3.)Where the hell is that damn shrike?!
by [RBC]Veektor October 27, 2005
to express the laughable pain that sometimes befalls the unfortunate.
Vancouverite: Waugh!
Victorian1: Ha! That guy just fell off the ferry!
Victorian2: Haha. Shrike. Well its a long swim across the water.
by anomalousvikingninja September 01, 2009

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