Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, right over the PA/MD line, is a rapidly changing suburb of Baltimore/and York, depending on how you want to look at it.Though close to york,Shrewsbury is a major relocation center for people moving in from Baltimore County,from places such as Dundalk and Parkville,and Hampden down in the city due to their proximity to I-83,the similarity to the above white baltimore neighborhoods,and the convienience of a town placed away from the big city.Shrewsbury used to be corn fields and had quite a few hicks.Now,most of the hicks have moved out to Glen Rock and the corn fields have been replaced with shopping centers and new housing.The new housing is racially diverse compared to the old-town Shrewsbury,thus bringing much change to the area.The population has jumped from around 3000 to about 5000 since the last census,and it's growing pretty fast around here.I moved here 2 years ago,and the changes have been for the better.2 years ago it was full of hood posers and preppy faggots,and not as crowded.Now,it is more diverse in the types of people,(unforunately still containing some preppy faggots),but it is becoming more racially,culturally and economically diverse.It is a lot more chill now.Crime is limited to occassional fist fights,and once in a great while there wlil be a young hood poser stabbing his drug dealer from the city in the back because he realizes hes fucked.But there is a lot of property crime,and there are some hardened people moving in.A lot of cars get broken into and stolen,I know,I live in the old townhouses and it happens all the time,and robberies happen A LOT at the local stores.The cops are crooked,and will go after anybody walking too fast.Most of them sell drugs.The Rutters at Market Square is where you will be accused of being a drug dealer;;dont shop there.
The South side of town is Baltimore transplants,the North side is various preppy county transplants.The south side of town is a much cooler place to be than north.The south side is mainly people raised in Shrewsbury or from Baltimore City,and the North is mainly people from Baltimore County,the middle of nowhere,or a really gay place you'll probably never hear of and are complete wannabes.THe south side of town is where it's at,believe me,it is where you will hear at least 538 rap songs a day if you open your window near Mount Airy road.If yoyu go to the North Side,that will be limited to 2,and they will both suck ass,the rest is old people music or heavy metal.Susquehannock blows,New Freedom,except for downtown New Freedom,is preppy assholes and hood posers as well.Glen Rock has a lot of hicks,but at least they admit it.Unfortunately they can be extremely annoying,uneducated,and rude.And the rest of the school district is the middle of nowhere.So there you have it, Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania in words.Come check it out sometime lol since we're stuck here.
Exit 4 off of I-83 from Baltimore/York.
You will see a beer shop.
Pass the beer shop and run past the taco bell and mcdonalds.
You will be greeted by a Wal Mart.
Go in and you will be greeted by a bunch of malfunctioning self-checkout lines.
Welcome to Shrewsbury, PA
by ciegerszszsz February 19, 2009
SMALLLLLLLLLLL village of animals in south-central Pennsylvania south of york filled with Baltimore-wannabees that have never lived anywhere close to the actual city of Baltimore. The whitest place on earth. Filled with hood posers who think they are G-d up, think they're sparsely-populated neighborhoods are "ghetto" just because none of the buildings rise above 1 story, and are all rich stupid white trash.

The coolest people in Shrewsbury are the normal people who were raised there. Actualy, most of the fags there move there from the SUBURBS of Baltimore, NEVER the city. That is why they are all hood posers. Common places of ancestry in the place include, but are not limited to : "P-hall!!(Perry Hall...),Dirty D(dundalk...),Woodlawn my nigga!(i lived in cationsville but im going to act like im from woodlawn cuz its the same thing except with some rich black people).

Most of these people are stuck-up, think they are either rich or poor, when all of them are actualy just middle class. People here are EXTREMELY racist, with the only black people there living in Big houses by the "Wal-Mart", which, by the way, is the #2 hangout spot there, next to the "Townhouse hood" down the road (god please save me).

Almost everybody there does drugs, for they are rich and have not a care in the world and have the money to spend on them from their mommy and daddys' wallets. Everybody drives nice cars, except for about 3 people, whom are all white trash. Yet they are still RICH. WTF??!! There are redneck POSERS TOO!! WTF!!! They claim to be redneck yet don't even have the true heritage of a redneck; they just call themselves that to make up for the fact they live in the MIDDLE OF FUCKIN NOWHERE!!!

The public high school, susquehandoncock, could literally be considered a Private Rural County school, with only 3% of the students needing reduced lunch. There are TWELVE minority students out of a school of 1,300. TRY TO SAY THAT IN MARYLAND, SEE HOW HARD THEY THINK U R PUNKS...
FUCK SHREWSBURY fuck you hood poser faggots come to all our neighborhoods down here and get fuked up u fukin wigger-ass faggots punkass pussies u are all clowns i laugh at ur tactics
by YOUR MOMs FACE November 21, 2007

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