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A punk skateboarder who hangs out in the back of gas stations smoking weed. Shredderboarders make up for their lack of strength in numbers, they travel in packs usually of 5-15. If you ever see a shredderboarder alone tell him to land a kickflip.(Shredderboarders cannot land the simplest of tricks so they sit back and smoke weed.) Once he fails beat his ass
Person 1: Hey man look there's a group of shredderboarders
Person 2: Look at there gay sweatshirts.
Person 1: Yeah man it must be hard smoking pot all day.
Person 2: Lets freak em out by sounding a police siren!
Person 1: Yeah!! Those shredderboarders will piss themselves!
by blaggleraggleflabalababingbong March 24, 2009
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