An alternative to saying shit in public.
I was going to say shit, but then I heard my teacher walking behind me. So I just said shrap.
by yub890 November 18, 2012
Top Definition
a prefix that refers to shrapnel, AKA sharp metal fragents released by an explosive force ment to kill people.
gamer one: HA! eat my shrapgun!(blows gamer A away with flchette gun)
gamer A:u suck
by Spaz De Kat January 07, 2009
loose change, or spare coins.
joey: i have a lot of shrap lying around my house
by that's not cat. October 23, 2007
shit plus crap, a new word to keep u out of troble, a way to curse without being yelled at.

I just took a huge shrap

u piece of shrap
by Robert Merino January 03, 2008
When one is so sharp (or quick off the mark) one could cut oneself.
Bo Jiggy : It's called Maltoe

pETe : Wot's that? Sugar free maltesers?

MariAHH : God pETe, ur so shrap u cud cut urself
by Da Boulda August 18, 2006
A person who THINKS he's the webmaster, when that's really my domain.
He thinks he's MaNi, but he's really a shraps.
by MaNiFoLD July 24, 2004
A person lacking talent in FPS games, and yet owns in RTS games.
Whoa, that guy is a shraps! ... but he's so feminine.
by MaNiFoLD January 29, 2004
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