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deoderant, used when time is short or the showers aren't working. Usually in a post-sport setting
Hey Grant, got any shower in a can? Can't be arsed haing a shower, need a beer
by Al January 26, 2005
using an aerosol can containing deoderant eg: Lynx instead of having a shower to freshen up
I didnt have a chance to have a shower before happy hour so I just changed cloths and and grabbed a shower in a can
by banbanga February 08, 2010
Any spray body deodorant used to cover B.O. like, Axe body spray. Using said product instead of taking a shower.
Hey, guys, you're choking me to death spray that Shower In A Can! Why don't y'all just wash your funky butts?! You're not fooling anybody. You still stink, only now you smell like butt crack and flowers!
by Turkey Trot December 13, 2010