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Possibly the worst farts one can make, excluding food factors. It is the poisonous mixture of running water and flatulence making rank ass farts. Never do this when your having sex in the shower,the hoe will probably slap you silly.
I had the worst shower fart this morning
#fart #rank #great #awesome #butt-hole #ass #pubes
by THE_MANMAN April 19, 2010
When you fart in a stand up shower, the smell immediatly reaches your face and nose, when you fart an then cant breath in the shower.
Yo, man you dont look so good did you just Shower fart in there.

Blehhhh i cant breath i just shower farted
by March 23, 2005
a fart in the shower. it is one of the worse smelling farts ever. It often smells worse then regular farts, most of the time the smell is similar to scrabled eggs,sulfur,crude oil,or fish. it is a mystery why shower farts smell more horrid the normal farts
shower farts tend to linger longer then normal farts
#shower farts #shower #fart #nasty #smell #stinks #stink #farting
by baka kuso yaro May 12, 2011
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