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Nang; Very good; Something which is good and/or liked.
That is a showa drawing!
by Somebody?! October 16, 2006
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SLANG Very good, Brilliant, GULLY. Like sick, Showa is commenly used around Liverpool, U.K to describe very good things.
Easy, that songz showa man!!

Many people from Liverpool, Toxteth call Liverpool, Showapool.
by Gloxteth Boii April 30, 2008
a new englander's way of taking a showER after a long, sweaty fencing practice

preferably by those taller than most city buildings...
brb gotta go take a showa!
by clarrrkkk January 22, 2011
Exact meaning of "Douchebag" in the English language. Derived from the translations of "douche" in French, which means "Shower". Also can be used with tags on the end such as -bag, -face, and -hole.
I can hardly believe Dane Cook stole all of those jokes! What a showa!
by SymbolMush July 30, 2009

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