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An alternative, less forward way to request a member of the female sex to flash, expose or otherwise display her breasts to you. Ideally, asking a female to show her Olga's would be when she is wearing a zippered shirt, blouse or half shirt. However, any top will suffice. Show Your Olga’s was inspired and coined for use after Russian Speed Skater Olga Graf celebrated after competing to win the bronze medal in the Women's Speed Skating 3,000-meter at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. During her celebration she unzipped her skating outfit but forgot she had no clothing on beneath her extremely tight uniform.
Dude: Whaaaassssuppp! Babe. Lookin good. How bout cha Show Your Olga's!
Chick: Mmmmmm that's so hot. Zipppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You like?
Dude: Helllzzzz yea! Best set I have seen since Sochi!
by Enya Goode February 10, 2014

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