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A close friend who, in the event of your death, will remove any and all embarassing personal items from your home you do not wish family to see. i.e. Pornography, sex toys or drug paraphernalia. The shovel buddy is allowed to keep or destroy these items and is ideally alerted by a loud horn.

*Created by Steve Morrison of the Preston and Steve show on 93.3 WMMR (Podcast 6-21-07)
Steve told Preston, his shovel buddy, where he hid his porn so that if he died he could remove it from his house.
#buddy #shovel #friend #death #porn #drugs #hide
by mybrosteve June 21, 2007
The only person that knows where you stash your porn, drugs or sextoys, with the specific function of relocating/destroying the materials when you die before gets discovered by your family and other friends.
"Ron Jeremy needs a shovel-buddy."

"I sure hope my shovel-buddy remembers where I put this"
#whack shack #stash guard #cum rag #preston and steve #your mom
by JMosh June 12, 2007
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