A status update posted on the website Shoutitout, it may contain a photo, link, checkin, or video as well.
Oh my god, I have to Shout this!
by Pot2342 September 06, 2011
Top Definition
Australian saying, meaning "shout" drinks. To buy the round of drinks. You can shout a mate anything you like, as long as you have the money!. Works on a reciprocal system, unless your mates are tightarses
I'll shout the drinks tonight mate
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
Australian term, meaning to buy or give something to someone else.
"I'll shout the next round of beer's."
"Can you shout me a bottle of coke. I left my wallet at home."
"Come around after work, I'll shout you a few cone's."
by Diego September 11, 2003
(Canadian) a phone call
Hey give me a shout later on and we'll go out.
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
A symbol of respect towards an admirable peer typically used prior to their name in a sentence.
"Shouts to Body, shouts to Mayhem Lauren, shouts to my brother Alchemist man we the fuck out here." - Action Bronson
by The Ombudsgawd June 11, 2015
The words you say in shoutbox is called shout.
Please don't send me private message. It would be faster if you'll just shout it.
by CyberJake December 02, 2006
UK slang term referring to a party of some sort such as house parties etc. Commonly used in Manchester. No different to any other type of party.
Person a: Yo, you heard bout dat shout in stockport?
Person b: Yea yea it's some Turkish guy's house innit? you hittin it?
Person a: Yea yea it's gonna go off!
by bigE February 02, 2012
this is often done in black churches when you feel the "holy spirit". it is usually very big and draws a lot of attention. you may stomp on the floor and yell or jump up an down or number of other movements.
-girl that service was so good they had me shoutin up in there!!
by k-deezie June 05, 2009
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