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A U. S navy vessel that rams itself up your anal cavity with a non-skid condom.
My anus hurts so much from that shoup.


I will shoup you...
by SHOUPERDOOP March 16, 2009
(v)To steal from your loyal, unsuspecting friends. This is typically done to fund trips to warm locales, highlights, acrylic nails and alcohol-fused benders.
In order to fund her habit of writing bad checks, Sarah pulled a Shoup by stealing from her boss's purse. On video.
by DaJuanita January 18, 2006
piece of extreme smelling shit
I just stepped in some shoup.

Dang, that shoup be foul!
by lyle12 July 30, 2006
Shoup: a nigger pimp who can smack a kangaroo to canada with out a fuckin plane
Damn you pulled a Shoup you niggar biatch now my fuckin face hurts
by C Da Da Daddy November 28, 2004
another word for s**t

often used in relation to math
Oh shoup, I forgot to do my math homework!
by whowouldaguessedit May 10, 2012