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The most inebriating drinking game ever. 1 game, a full handle of vodka. It was invented on May 18th 2010 because the yankees game was probably cancelled due to rain.


Shotzee Essentials:

1. Life Wheel
2. Yahtzee
3. Cups
4. Hard Alcohol
5. Chasers
6. Sleeping Masks
7. Beer (for cheaters)
8. Younger sibling (optional)

Shotzee Rules:

1. You don’t talk about The Shotzee

1. There is entirely to much to encompass in this game for rule number 1

2. Three similar cups must be placed next to the Yahtzee board with 1 shot and 2 with water cups.

3. Soundproof walls required

4. Siblings spot cheaters/blow on dice for good luck; if you are caught cheating you must drink beer for 10 seconds

5. There is no competition in Shotzee…Clap for good rolls, and a MANDATED high five all around for a SHOTZEE.

6. If crazy hats are available..they are REQUIRED.

7. After every 3 yahtzee rolls (1 turn) you spin the LIFE wheel, if it is a 1-3 you drink cup 1, if it ias a 4-6 you drink cup 2, if it is a 7-9 you drink cup 3. if it is a 10 you must take a full shot.
8. If anybody rolls a Yahtzee everyone playing must take a shot.
9. At the end of the game whoever wins is the only one who doesn’t have to take a shot.
10. However, everyone wins.
We played a sick game of Shotzee last night. Everyone was Lop Sop Doi.
by Yankeeswasted May 18, 2010
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