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to make an attempt toward accomplishment of a goal, uncertain of the outcome.

to give a shot, attempt, try, or persevere.

Disclaimer: The following content was written, for educational purposes.
South Park, Season 13: Fishsticks;

"Hey Jimmy, what are you up to?

Oh hey Eric, I was just trying to write some jokes for my new comedy ru-routine.

Ya, well you wanna do somthin? I wanted to hang out with Stan and Kyle but they're all pissed off at me for somethin so I have to hang out with you.

Sorry Eric, but I really need to work, very much. I haven't written a good joke in over a week.

Alright well maybe I can help you, You know we can totally write some stuff together.

Oh well sure; Ive never really tried working with a partner, but lets give it a sho-ih-ish-sh-shh--Shotsgarrooski."

-Also see:Fish Sticks
by John O. B. April 11, 2009
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