its a point in life where things start to move really fast, either good or bad
Ephraim: man, too much stuff is goin' on right now.
Carlos: getting shot out of a cannon, huh? ....pffft. baby.


Ephraim: well, finally, got a good job, a woman who loves me...
Carlos: getting shot out of a cannon, huh? ....pffft. your still a baby...
by Reefstab April 11, 2008
Top Definition
Feeling pumped or hyped; energetic, wild-eyed and charged. Vernacular made popular by the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show.
Roger: Man, after that hit of blow I'm feeling really shot out of a cannon.

Jose: You should try some of this Mexican meth I just got, holmes.
by crazy4honda January 23, 2010
Surpassing commonly-held expectations regarding the amount of time an accomplishment should take to achieve
Dude went from being unemployed for most of his life to making like $250,000 a year, like he was fucking shot out of a cannon!
by Murphykm62 April 29, 2009
Working really hard and getting a lot done, or having a lot of projects going on at one time.
First thing this morning I was shot out of a cannon; now I think I deserve a nap.
by p.j.g. January 05, 2008
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