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To shock one with reveling information.

The reaction one gets after seeing a ghost, but applied to someone after hearing unexpected news.

Can be used with SHOOT, SHOOTING or SHOT depending on whether you're being passive or present tense.
Sister: Yeah, so I called out Dad about how he hasn't been such a good dad and how he doesn't give me as much money as Mom.

Brother: It's true! Mom gave me $20 last week and he only gave me $5. WTF!?

Sister: I know, right!? Then, he gets all sympathetic and said how much he loves me and would give me however much I wanted right then. That's when I shot the ghost and asked for $500! hahahha

Brother: HAHAH! DAMN! I bet he thought you were trippin.
by SunriseSmilex08x July 21, 2009
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