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v. doing something (really easy) so spectacularly wrong that your friends mock you endlessly.
that girl spilled juice all over herself, and she was using a sippy cup! totally shoshing it.
by whats_dkk November 18, 2013
A Unique word from the Melbourne Rave scene that is used to describe how high one is feeling during the peak of whichever drug (usually ecstasy) one happens to be on.
Adj - Shoshed
A- *head bopping, grinning ridiculously* "Oh man I am fucking SHOSHING so hard right now!!"
B- *jaw clenching, eyes wide* "I know man! I know!! This gear is the shit!"
A- *thrusts arms out wide* "Hell yeah! Hug it out bitch!"

A- *leaning heavily on a banister, drained, slurring his words* "oh man, I'm feeling a bit spaced out, man
B- *looking just as bad, leaning in to offer support* "Oh man, you are so fucking Shoshed.. Lets get you to the toilet to fix you right up"
A- *takes B's shoulder and is lead away* "You the man...man"
by Timonty April 13, 2007