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A person who is short in stature and is a complete and utter ARSE!
See Nick Williams for an example.
by Mousels January 06, 2005
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A man of short stature, one who suffers from short man syndrome Sometimes also heard as short-ass
"I won't be seeing him again the short-arse."
by Alexandra July 30, 2004
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that kev's a bit of a short arse
by toolroom massive November 10, 2006
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someone whome lacks height due to being retarded....
Lee And Stacey Are Short-arses
by L Maddison January 25, 2005
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Not quite midgets, not just short, but arrestingly diminutive (5' -5'5''). alternatively funny/ pathetic when confronted with a tall girl (above 5'8'') in a bar or club.

Frequenters of chain pubs and bars in provinical and coastal city centres.
Sindy: Hey, Babs, look at that little bloke with the popped collar chatting up your sister.

Barbie : he's having trouble looking her in the eye. wait, they're coming over.

Sindy: Don't stand up or you'll make him feel like a right Short Arse.
by Max Biggins November 17, 2012
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