A mediocre band that has americans confused as to why they are so 'big' in australia. They do however have dope accents. And have a hot-as-fuck bassist named Andy Clemmensen.
They all have-ofcourse-THE SAME STYLE OF HAIR! Which does loose shorts stacks appeal.
*they are also fags that wear makeup.
The only reason one would want short stack to come over to the U.S is to be able fuck the shit out of Andy.
Have you heard of Short Stack?
Is that that shitty australian band with andy clemmensen in it?
Oh they suck dickk!
Yeah....I wish Andy would suck mine..
by Shittyshittybabay January 18, 2010
When atleast three men Lay on top of eachother back to tummy and sequentially from bottom to top ejaculates into the others rectum until the man ontop dresses the pile in a stream of bitter sweet stamen syrup(the Jamima).
Superb short stack last night fellas, dibs next jamima.
A midget orgy
Alex is so fucked up. He said he was watching short stack porn yesterday.
by Asexuals March 19, 2016
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