Aggression or needless bumptiousness displayed by a man below average height when it is perceived to be an attempt to compensate for his small size.
A shorter guy is constantly jostled in a crowd by an unthinking taller guy who sees over his head. Eventually, the shorter guy reacts aggressively by verbally abusing the taller guy. The taller guy is superciliously amused because the amount of aggression shown by the shorter guy is disproportionate to his presumed physical ability to carry through his threats. "Oh - it's short man syndrome".
by Jude April 28, 2004
When a Vertically Challanged male tries to make up for his lack of height (normally to the opposite sex) with various obnoxious/annoying stunts, usually with a detramental effect to the popularity/confidence of the people around him. This decreasing of others' confindence makes the sufferer feel more important. Unfortunatly there is no known cure.
John: Hello Lucy I was wondering if you would go to the Cinema with me on saturday?
Percy(who suffers from Short Mans Syndrome):Hey Lucy, did you know John enjoys German Fetish Porn ??
Lucy: Oh my god wtf ??
Percy: Yeah its true.
John: Omg no it isnt!!
Lucy: Err bye...
John: Wtf did you do that for ?? Now she hates me.
Percy:Yayy !! I feel important!! I don't feel short anymore!!
John: Twat.
by Dr.Fillipe I. N. Nicholas BSc. April 21, 2009
The need for men of less than average height to try to explain away their anti-social and annoying compensatory behaviour by writing explanatory definitions on this site.

Short Man's Syndrome is something short men display, and it's always a bad thing.

Never vote for a short man.
Examples of Short Man's Syndrome include: Getting out of a Camaro. Becoming hostile when jostled. Headbutting people's knees.
by onelongdrinkofwater April 23, 2011
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