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A warrior who physically wields a keyboard as his main weapon.
That keyboard warrior beat the shit out of that guy with his keyboard.
by cosmiccountrynoir April 26, 2011
A term used to dehumanize short men. On the basis of this prejudiced term, a short man isn't allowed to do anything assertive, confident, or generally masculine without being accused of overcompensating or having short man's syndrome.

Whereas if a taller man exhibited the same exact behavior, nobody would bat an eyelash.
I rudely shoved that short guy at the bar out of my way, and he got all angry about it. Talk about short man's syndrome!
by cosmiccountrynoir April 24, 2011
A formerly Latino section of San Francisco now being heavily gentrified by white hipsters.

All the culture and soul of this historic neighborhood has been replaced by fixed-gear bikes, fair-trade coffee shops, and guys in fedoras and ray-bans.
If you have a gluten allergy, the Mission District is your place.
by cosmiccountrynoir April 24, 2011
A playground for hipsters and trustafarians.
San Francisco is the worst.
by cosmiccountrynoir April 24, 2011
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