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A no strings attached relationship where you and your partner are just having fun, usually sexual. No serious commitment or pressure involved, only casual encounters. Longer than a one night stand, but shorter than a long term relationship. More of a random hookup, friend with benefits. STF for short.
Doug: "I heard that Donna and Kevin broke up. That has to be really devastating to both of them. It seemed they were made for each other."

Jill: "And what rock are you living under?...LOL! They were just having in a short term fling and weren't committed to each other. They just wanted casual, non committal fun."

Doug: "I guess they pulled the wool over my eyes. Gee, I feel like such a dork...LOL!"
#random hookups #friend with benefits #intimate encounter #casual sex #no commitment #booty call
by Preston Pierce May 18, 2010
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