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1.)n. A very avanced marajuana researchers group located in New England.
2.)v. To loose ones focus, and stumble at whatever present task he/she is undertaking at said moment, usally due to over smoke of marajuana.
n. Guy: " I got some amazing pot from some place in NE called Short Bus Kids"
Guy2: " @#!$^ sweet!!!!

v. Guy " Hey did I flush the toilet?
Guy2: " No.."
Guy2: " you pulled an SBK move huh..?
Guy: " ah shit..."
by Short Bus Kid's August 26, 2008
1. A person who acts stupid
2. my friends nick name for me
1. OMG!!! timmy just touched my butt! he is such a short bus kid!
2. none
by Laura January 29, 2004
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