Shoosh dat gurl jessica ass fat as hell i need parts on dat
by twane22 June 23, 2009
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Definitions listed in most common usage order.

1. verb. pheonetic (shoosh sounds like bush)
To silence, or cause someone to stop speaking. To tell someone to be silent. see also shut up.

2. verb. To tell or brush someone or something away or to send away. Variation of shoo!

3. Explative. An expression of shock. "Wow" or "Shoosh"!

4. Noun. A club also known as "The Secret Society of Shoosh".
A group of common friends who began meeting to conduct mock meetings and ceremonies usually before or after church events including weddings. They have come to use many new words such as, shoosh the verb, yurl Oh Yurla, blarg, indunction muncion, and cleavage.

5. Verb. Salutation, pheonetic (Shooosh!)
Synonym to the word "Hail". To hail someone is to acclaim enthusiasticly, or to salute or greet. Shoosh is used similarly by members of the "Shoosh society", named so after this word.
It originated from "shoosh" as previously defined meaning "be quiet" but was answered with "Shoosh!" So it became a substitution for "Hail".
"I can't take this noise anymore! Everybody Shoosh!"

"Is that what I think it is? Oh Shoosh!"

"Hey old buddy, Shoosh!" Reply: "Shoosh!"

"Have you yet become a member of Shoosh?"
"Blarg no! I havn't gone through the indunction munction yet!
"Oh yurla!"
by Thomual October 07, 2005
A "That's What She Said" joke that may be funny if delivered with enough enthusiasm but really doesn't make much sense when you really think about it.

To skillfully deliver a "Shoosh" (also called "Pulling a shoosh") try to find the most random and ridiculous occasions to say "That's What She Said", always respond to statements that include words such as "wet, hard, and meat," then LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF- there's no going back.
"It's sort of by the meat, but up a little bit." (TWSS!!!)
"Let's do it now, it'll be too hard if we wait." (TWSS!!!)
I hope this works, I don't want to get wet again. (TWSS!!!)

No way dude! That was a total SHOOSH!
by DJF2 August 15, 2009
A term of excitement, usually used at the beginning of a sentence to emphasize sentence.
Guy 1: Dude do you want to take a ride to Taco Bell?

Guy 2: Shoosh yeah bra!

Example 2:

Guy 1: Do you think its a good idea to text my ex?

Guy 2: Shoosh no, you're nuts!
by Yo_boy_josh May 24, 2016
being shoooed away and shooshed at the same time
Mom: *swinging her fingers and hands in an outward motion* saying shhhhhhh Stop farting your ass stinks you'll wake your father and he'll think I'm trying to get frisky.
Me: ok you don't have to be rude and shoosh me away
by milfy0420 December 13, 2013
shut the fuck up biatch
www.shooshtime.com <<< supashoosh
by JTF2Neo February 26, 2005
1. An exclamation of disbelief and/or shock.

2. A dismissive exclamation.
1. Did you just hear about the $5,000 of profit that Turk made on his last sale? Shoosh.
Blue Jeans cost $60? You've got to be kidding me. Shoosh.

2. Leave me alone -- shoo-shoosh.
by candidate1066 February 04, 2005
To Tell Someone To Shut Up In An Annoying Ass Way.

And Or

When You Run Out Of Things To Say As A Last Resort During An Arguement.
Shawn: Hey Austin
Austin: SHOOSH!!!!!!
Shawn: What The Fuck?

*In Class*
Austin: Fuckin Shoosh Dude
Teacher: What Did You Say?
Austin: Oh Nothing.
Teacher: Thats What I Tought.
Austin: Thats Right Bitch Shoosh.
by Shawn And Austin OP May 03, 2008
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