(verb, transitive) -- To put salt on something. Can be used for any method (shaker, paper packet, twisting a sea-salt dispenser, etc.), but the word comes from the sound of using a salt shaker (shoonk, shoonk, shoonk). The double-O is pronounced like the one in the word "foot".
My fish needs some salt. I need to shoonk it.

"Do you want me to shoonk your eggs?" "No, I don't like salt on eggs."

by Jeff 46902 November 29, 2007
Top Definition
Any object, person, or place. Anything.
"Look at that shoonker. How much do you think he paid for it?"

"My shoonk is all messed up today."

"I put my books on that shoonk over there."
by The Sass Attack May 20, 2010
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