To look, watch, or see
Add “ing” or “ed” to change tense

“Hey Dam-Dizzle, SHOOF this Shiite!” or
“Yesterday LKTZ and I SHOOFED a movie” or
“I’m SHOOFING it right now Mon-Teezy!”

Other examples are…

“Don’t SHOOF me, SHOOF the camera enta!”
“That enta SHOOFED you hardcore!”
“Enta, what are you SHOOFING at?”

by SNIZZLE August 29, 2006
Top Definition
a word used to express displeasure or in the place of an obscenity
That kid is such a shoof. Shoof! Did u you what she said about you?
to look at,watch,survey
"Could you shoof the baby while I roll a spliff love?"
by Steve CHUTER November 03, 2006
look, watch
Shoof how i get this girl
yea right perhaps the merf for u. look up merf
by Armenian GOD April 17, 2003
Word used to describe a family member or friend that does something dumb.
Melyna fell up the stairs. She is such a shoof
by Jeremy Darlington July 16, 2008
To be harmlessly dishonest in an attempt to prove a point or express great knowledge of subjects where only a fraction of knowledge actually exists.
After sounding like you knew the area well, the directions you gave me were all wrong. You shoofed me.
by Steve Wilson April 23, 2004
verb: to see, to look at, to tell someone to look at something without others knowing.
when you see a cute guy, you say to your friend, "shoof"
nodding in his direction.
by janseybabe June 22, 2007
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