To emotionally tie your partner down in a relationship.

(Not to be confused with any sexual act).
Ted: Sorry, Mike. My girlfriend made plans for next weekend, too.

Mike: Man, we never hang out anymore. She has shoelaced you, and you don't even realize it.
by Bryce King January 22, 2011
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The pattern of a mans released load, forms the pattern of a shoelace.
Someone just pulled a Gary Coleman, and shoelaced the toilet seat.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004
When a girl is being eaten out by a guy, who is having sex with another girl, who, while in a back bend, is giving head to a guy who is making out with a girl doing doggie style with a guy who is making out with the first girl.
"Hey i want to be eaten out by... you!"
"Sure but i want to have sex wit her while eaten you out!"
"Ok but i'm going to be giving head to this guy while in this position!"
"Ok but i'm going to be making out wit that girl right there getting it up the ass"
"Well since i'm last i'll just making out with this girl right here... hey look this looks like a shoe lace!"
by Only in your DREAMS November 12, 2007
To hang yourself.
Why dont you just go and shoelace?
by Pasta Monk January 14, 2010
Someone that is sucking up their bosses arse so far that all you can see is shoelaces hanging out of the bosses arse.
Dude 1:Where's Johnny?
Dude 2: Being shoelaces.
Dude 1: how'd you know?
Dude 2: look at the bosses arse when he bends over.
by Banksy29 January 11, 2013
1. (n.) Long strings of salivation, which hang from the jowls of dogs; usually occurs when the dog in question is watching his/her master eating something that seems rather delicious (example: pizza, ice cream, chocolate, hamburgers).
Sophie: Ew! You're dog's drooling!

Lacey: It's cause the food we're eating is so delicious. She smells it, and drools like that.

Sophie: They look like shoe laces!

Lacey: Because they are.
by Schizophrenic Cannibal Lemon September 03, 2009
An expression used when someone is always up on somebody, sweatin' them.
Dang, look at Veronica's shoe laces hanging from Rashad's ass!
by Fruitie Cutie 617 March 15, 2005

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