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The sticky and smelly mixture inside a girl's shoe that consists of a man's dried cum and her foot sweat. Shoejuice is very sticky, and stains shoes and socks a dark yellow. The amount of shoejuice produced also depends on the amount of sweat and cum in the shoe.
Shelby: Can i borrow your shox?

Jennifer: Yeah sure.

(Shelby runs a mile)

Shelby: Eww Jenny my feet are so sticky and sweaty. I can feel it between my toes too.

Jennifer: You just sweat a lot, take them off and lemme see.

Shelby: Eww gross there are yellow stains on my pink socks what do you put in your shoes??

Jennifer: Oh get over it, it's just some shoejuice from last night.

Shelby: Ewww you mean my feet are covered with your BF's cum?!
by Gmail548 April 20, 2010
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