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Victims include anyone wearing sandals with sweaty feet. The act of making a "farting" sound created by movement of the foot off the side of the shoe usually while walking.
"Samuel was walking to the train station on a hot summer day wearing sandals and no socks. His foot slipped inside of his shoe, making a farting sound. Everyone pointed and laughed at him."

"Dude, did you just hear that?"
"Yeah I heard that. It sounded like a fart. But I only smell sweaty feet"
"Samuel you shoe farter, Put some powder on those dawgs."
by Caw April 10, 2006
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Describes the unusual noise made by new shoes when walking.
Mike: What is that noise? Did you fart?
Sophia: No, that wasn't me, that was a shoefart.
by Orange-Diva August 11, 2008
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