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Victims include anyone wearing sandals with sweaty feet. The act of making a "farting" sound created by movement of the foot off the side of the shoe usually while walking.
"Samuel was walking to the train station on a hot summer day wearing sandals and no socks. His foot slipped inside of his shoe, making a farting sound. Everyone pointed and laughed at him."

"Dude, did you just hear that?"
"Yeah I heard that. It sounded like a fart. But I only smell sweaty feet"
"Samuel you shoe farter, Put some powder on those dawgs."
by Caw April 10, 2006
An act of hazing in which the victim is grabbed, pulled onto a lawn, pinned down, and nuded. Best done at night, but always fun when lots of traffic is passing. Can take as many as six perpetrators, depending on how much the victim fights.
Dude, we totally yardstripped Winthrop last night, but we had to run when the neighbors called the cops.
by Caw April 04, 2006
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