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the act of performing the shocker while drinking a beer and munching a bratwurst
"Dude, lastnight i pulled off the shocktoberfest on heidi,
didnt spill my beer but got brat on her ass!"
by dr fupa November 15, 2007
10 5

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the art of performing the shocker while enjoying a beer and soft pretzel!!!
"Tom, whats with all the mustard and beer on your sheets?
"Dude i snuck up on on mojo and got her with the shocktoberfest..she jumped and spilled my beer!"
by dr fupa December 11, 2007
4 4
the art of preforming the shocker while enjoying a beer and a bratwurst...ziggy sackie ziggy sackie woo! woo! woo!
dude , i almost switched up hands with the beer and the shocker! not good on the brat.shout.."shocktoberfest!"
by dr fupa December 05, 2007
3 4