Shnibbles is anything and everything. It's so much of everthing that its not anything. Shnibbles is.. well, shnibbles.
one way to use the word shnibbles is to win in an argument, use the word shnibbles to shut the person you are arguing with up.

alex: shnibbles
#everything #schnibbles #shnibbles #raj #amazing
by Shnibbles Mcshnarflengton July 30, 2011
Top Definition
A person who makes up definitions on urban dictionary while getting a blow job.
Ya I went to the computer room and there were so many shnibbles in there.
#blow job #definitions #sexual #person #the
by July 13, 2008
A little hairy blob of fat that loves cheese and hop. They make the perfect pets.

Shnibble is a Shnibble!!!!
#fantasticle #shnibbly #stupendous #fpoony #and riboflavin
When one goes to kiss someone, but rather than kissing, they merely sniff and nibble the part of skin that the lips come into contact with. Plural: shnibbles
Adjectives: shnibbling
Verbs: shnibbalicious, shnibbaly
A shnibble on your neck, ears and nose.
#sniff #kiss #nibble #nibbling #kissing #sniffing
by LadyoftheLake August 09, 2011
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