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n. The female variant of "nerd." "She-nerd." Though exceedingly rare in the wilderness, the most common habitat is a basement.
Dude. She's such a shnerd. You should take her to the virtual comic-con in 2nd life.
by gapabba November 29, 2010
Something that is large, big or very big.
"you two have shnerd-sized brains. thats all i have to say"
by Jackfrost111111 October 27, 2011
a cracker who trys to act intellegant and is really not, they are ''white and shnerdy'', also another name for a ''nerd'' they need a girlfriend or a boyfriend and have some fun instead of reading and studding their whole life, life is given to you to screw up, not to get smart

p.s- let your bookbag hang low.
drop that book and go to the club homie
1.) my dad
2.) b.c stafford
3.) Abraham Lincoln
4.) Brandon Hutchoson
5.) Travis Simon
6.) bush
7.) Miles morrow
8.) Will weekely
did i mention will weekely
will weekly is such a shnerd
by shfifty-five michael September 26, 2007

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