A term of endearment.
You are the best, my love shmuffin.
by Shmuffin Lover August 22, 2011
Top Definition
The famed breakfast sandwich from Sheetz, a gas station/convenience store chain prominent in Western Pennsylvania.

The "Shmuffin" consists of a breakfast meat, egg, and cheese on an English Muffin.

Derivative from "Sh"eetz and English "Muffin."
"I'm going to Sheetz to buy a Shmuffin and a cup of Coffee."
by Pookie the Destroyer February 18, 2009
A way of covering up saying the word 'shit' around parents, teachers, priests, etc.
"Holy Sh...muffins!" or "Oh, Shmuffins!"
by Roji October 11, 2006
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