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An adjective used to describe the act of spending your parent's money or entire paycheck on anything you don't need in a matter of two days or less, typically a weekend. Another example of this would include spending any and all money that should be used for bills at a bar, or even multiple bars. Generally, most money would be spent on bottles of Coors Light and multiple packs of Marlboro Lights. Also, to be a "schmoon" move, the person has to lie about where they spent/got all their money.
Driving home to get $200 in bill money from your parents, then spending it all that weekend on a Brewer's game and a couple trips to the bar. Total shmoonism

Going to the grocery store three times in one night, to get a total of five sodas that cost 25 cents a piece.

by Dank Chopper May 13, 2008

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